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1.           Recognition of Depression (Fatigue)

Depression (Fatigue) is a state of mind when a person experiences a feeling of utter disdain and defeat that they feel that all the things he wishes to attain, the hope he has lost and just the feeling of intense grief or pain. Without this, he could not do anything like this.

In depression, the person feels a sense of excessive regret or guilt. He also cry to expresses dejection..

2.           Causes of Depression

1.            Dissatisfaction in life foolish imitation - comparison with higher.

2.            Depression results from repeated anger.

3.            Depression also comes from the instinct of avarice greed.

4.            The student falls into depression because of weak test results.

5.            Depression occurs when the elderly people of old age come to lose their jobs in the evening of life.

6.            Long-lasting illness can also bring depression to the afflicted and his family.

7.            Heavy loss in commerce brings depression to the merchant.

8.            Depression can come due to losing family member.

3.           Effects of Depression

1.            Man falls alone.

2.            Maximum depression brings insanity.

3.            The joy of life is over.

4.            Nothing feels good in life.

5.            The mood turns off.

6.            Mind not to be fixed in work.

7.            Weight is reduced or increased.

8.            Sleep increases. Become sluggish

9.            Mind not to be fixed in eating.

10.         Demand death to the Lord repeatedly.

11.         Self confidence is over.

12.         Violence increases.

13.         Suicidal thoughts occur.

14.         Headache, backpain occurs..

4.           Remedy of Depression Prevention

1.            Meditate in the morning and evening.

2.            Enjoy each moment.

3.            Prescribe from the doctor.

4.            Exercise deep breathing by relaxing the body.

5.            Remember a good opportunity or moment of life.

6.            Learn to be contented.

7.            Do not follow foolish imitation..

8.            Reduce anger.

9.            Look at each angle of vision from another point of view.



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